Baby Gracie

August 11, 2009
By SecretBelladonna PLATINUM, Kettering, Ohio
SecretBelladonna PLATINUM, Kettering, Ohio
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She was sitting,
everyday of her life.
She got tired,
of sitting,
of waiting
for something
to happen.
Anything really,
maybe just for it
to rain.
And she waited,
for the grass
to grow,
for her hair to grow,
as the clouds tangled
with each other,
and droplets of
rain splashed on
her face.
And she cried,
she cried,
as rain
fell from the sky.
She knew why,
of course she knew why.
Her belly was swollen
with a baby inside.
And she wondered if
that baby would have
that boy's eyes.
The boy who
gave this to her,
and ran away.
She wondered if
her hair would curl,
if she would smile.
She wondered
why she was wondering,
for she didn't want to keep it.
That thing growing inside of her,
That thing clinging on
and never letting go.
And it made her stronger,
each day that baby grew,
and when that baby popped out,
She knew.

Named that baby Gracie,
and her hair layed flat.
Her eyes matched
her momma's.
'I'm keeping her.'
Her momma cried,
a mix of sweat
and tears.
'She's all mine.'
She held her tight,
as that little baby
with the smell
of birth clinging
to the new skin
and the smell
of the hospital.
But she paid
no attention
to anything
but her baby Gracie.

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