Ignore My Pleas

August 11, 2009
By SecretBelladonna PLATINUM, Kettering, Ohio
SecretBelladonna PLATINUM, Kettering, Ohio
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You made me cry,
you made me laugh,
you made me happy,
you made me sad.
You were so funny,
you were so cruel,
I loved when you stared at me,
During school.
You were so handsome,
but sometimes rude.
I loved how you ate
your food.
It sounds weird,
as I write this now,
to think of how I thought
of you when we're not
even together anymore.
I can't believe I ended it,
right then and there like that.
And now I'm missing how
you smell and
how you sat.
Please forget my
name and by the morning
pretend you don't
know who I am.
It's for my own good,
I'm misunderstood,
Please don't let
me drag you down.
I know you were
here I know you were
but I can't help you
Just turn away,
when I try
to tell you to
come back.

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