The Angel

August 11, 2009
By Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Smiling gaunt face
Empty arms holding empty things
Purple shadows under child eyes
Weighted down by a thousand fatal memories

All seeing eyes miss nothing
False faith and happiness
Hallow lies filling musty rooms
The blood and cobwebs we can’t clean from our past
Despite this his eyes choose me

Recognition crosses the nephilim’s face
Unknown to me, needed desperately
A relationship as old as time itself
Unexpected, all consuming, knowing
Holds us, warms us, joins us

He chooses dark over insidious light
Fly’s to me and grabs my soul with his essence
Standing next to him you breathe in starlight
Pinpricks of meaning and purpose
You see why he smiles through such pain

He gives life when he has so little left of his own

The author's comments:
A companion to my poem "The Ghost". Taken from a novel I barely started and never finished. May it be strong enough on its own

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