August 11, 2009
By Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Maybe it unnerves me to be around you
Maybe I don’t like the way you look at me
Like you don’t even see me
Like I’m made of glass

Maybe you have never seen me
Maybe to you I’m just not real
Like I’m some big mystery
Like it’s too hard to figure me out

Maybe you never tried to know me
Maybe it never occurred to you
Like I got in your way
Like it barely even mattered

Maybe I don’t like the way you treat me
Maybe I don’t like how you ignore me
Like you forgot me
Like you lost me

Maybe that idea hurts
Maybe it’s too hard to bear sometimes
Like you losing me means I’ll never be found
Like no one will take the time to look

Maybe you made me this way
Maybe I’ll never forgive you
Like you taught me I’ll just walk away
Like love is just too hard to give

The author's comments:
This poem, as is in some way all my others, is about my relationship with my father. Maybe someone else sees this in thier lives also.

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