Sweet Thoughts of Revenge

August 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Forgive and forget, is what they say,
but they’re not the ones have have to pay.
No, they don’t carry that burden with them,
that perpetual burden - will it go away? When?

They don’t wear the burns and the scars,
so let them talk, they won’t get very far.
In the end, what matters is what we really think,
and the abominable lies will eventually sink.

I keep telling myself to hold on to my heart,
I keep telling myself all they do is impart
their worst traits and their acts out of spite,
but what I put out is my very best fight.

When the time comes for judgement day,
they’ll be the ones that have to pray.
I served my time; my work is done.
But for “them”, it has only just begun.

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