How Many Times You’ll Beg

August 11, 2009
By WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
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I love you
I’ve heard that one
I’m sorry
So original
I didn’t mean it
Why did you say it
Words don’t mean much
Your actions not much better
What can I do to make it better
Get out of my face
What did I do wrong
I promise I’ll change
Funny, you said that last time
Give me another chance
Last time you asked for only one
What could I have done instead
How about care
You know I love you
Honestly, I don’t
I wouldn’t lie to you
Fifty-six and counting
Honestly nothing happened
Fifty-seven, are you nearly through
Why don’t you trust me
Look in the mirror
Everyone says we’re meant for each other
Well I guess I’ll just be no one
We’ll be together always
That day is over
We’ll get married
Wow that ship has sailed
Please stay
Go ahead beg all you want its over

The author's comments:
This whole poem is a conversation, every other line is a response to the line above it.

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