Seen What I've Seen.....

August 11, 2009
By sasha jones BRONZE, Abbeville, Louisiana
sasha jones BRONZE, Abbeville, Louisiana
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Ok, lets play out a story...
You be you and i'll be me.
its ok i'll play my part, sence its true it has be form your heart... I met this guy, he seemed to be the one to catch my eye. We fell in love, oh i mean smelled it, (love), so we backed off for a while. but when we weren't together it was like a year of unfair weather. be cause my heart cried like a rainy day after the drout, like there hung over me a dark heavy cloud. and every second i thought about him my world was upside down,.
theres no way we would work again, only because our love couldn't have been, i was so caught up in trying to be a good friend, when they were'nt good to me, they asume when they do and told storys that were untrue about you and me, because no one has been where ive been or seen what i've seen but me!!

The author's comments:
this poem was written about a boy that i had fallen in love with. but we both kbnew that the love we had was in vain...and like all high school girls..there were roomers that were spred about me and my friend's ex....but he and i knew that everything that we felt had to be dropped then and there..

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