August 11, 2009
By LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
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If i was given a second chance
I would not change a thing
If you told me to shut up
I would continue to sing
If you tried to silence my heart
It would continue to beat
If you ran away
I would run in the opposite direction, until the day we meet
If you said horrible things
I would say I love you
If you forgot about me
I would only think of you
If you made me cry
I would make you smile
If you gave me but a moment
I would make it woth while
If you break my heart
I would complete yours
If you threw away my love
I would continue to seek yours
If you pushed me away
I would appreciate your touch
If you don't love me at all
I would love you so much
If you gave me nothing
I would give you all I have
If you didn't give me a breath
I would give you my last
If you ignored me
I would make you realize
If you tell me im wrong
I'll show you im right with these eyes
If you did it all the time
You still wouldn't catch me lying
If you didn't want to anymore
I would continue trying
And If you didn't
I would love you
For I am a better person, better boyfriend and soon to be a better husband... because of you.

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