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August 11, 2009
By LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
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When you have no more
when it’s impossible
when you keep on climbing
on something that’s only probable
how could this be worth it?
Have you really caused that much pain to deserve this?
Has anyone?
Are you loved?
In order to take,
what must you give up?

I don’t think so
I think God gives us what we need
because we need it
I don’t think God purposely throws things in
Just to impede it
it being the thing we call life
we need learn from mistakes
learn from heartbreaks
and rise from the one who underestimates
the one who complicates
the one who forsakes
manipulates and creates… confusion
creates this all powerful illusion
that we have to be better
we can’t mess up
and if we fall behind we must catch up
and what that is our way?
What if that is our path?
Are we really less than?
Do we really lack?

How can you accusing me of being less than I can be
when you don’t even know who you are?
How can you tell me what I need
when you exaggerate and take everything too far?

It’s simply ironic
that people think they know better
people thing they know you
yet, they haven’t a clue
to the passion
to the fire
to the truth-teller
to the liar
that lies deep within you
Lose yourself
Find who you are
When you have no more
Go back to the start
Go back to what gave you the opportunity
What gave you your shot that you blew
realize it’s not the end of the world
you have not one shot, but two
In order to succeed, you must try
In order to feel, you must cry
In order to keep everyone happy, you must lie
everyone is different
no person the same
every year, it’s the same game
every year, the winner has a different name
every year the same mistake
with a new person to blame
a new person put to shame
for their inability to perform
inability to weather a storm
the unwillingness to conform..
is the downfall of all man
we cannot adapt and cannot change
weather it be for better or worse
why has God bestowed us such a curse!?
The ability to think and reason
the ability to commit treason amongst ourselves
the stubbornness to never ask for help
the ability to attain great feats of wealth and fortune
a heart made of porcelain
the ability to know God’s there and never see him
the ability to know of your power and never be him
the ability to do on our own, but still need him
we need him...
We always have and will
and as I speak the realest thing you ever heard
I hope you have actually heard
the one theme of this poem
that it’s never over
no matter how much it hurts
or how much long it goes on
you should never stop singing your song
you are strong…

Life is long, hard and will know you down
as long as you always get up
the satisfaction allows you to smile and not frown
always come out on top or at least strive to
because you can be first
if you always try your hardest, you’ll know what your worth
Life doesn’t love you
It doesn’t care about you
What keeps you going
is the ones who can’t live without you
the ones who love you no matter what you do
but success it how much you try
and how much you try, is simply up to you.

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