August 11, 2009
By LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
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Why am I here?
A question everybody asks
Without an answer to be found
Why do you believe in god?
What has he done for you?
Have you seen him?
Have you felt him?
Does he really give you strength?
Are miracles real with god?
Is he speaking through me as I write this?
Is my mind now in the hands of god?
Are the next words to come out of my mouth going to touch a million people?
Or touch one needy soul?
Or maybe through myself he's touching... Me
Maybe God has me calling out to myself
Because Lord knows I need help
We all do
But enough of that...
Back to the question.
Why trust what you don't know?
Isn't this world supply and demand?
Isn't this world run by woman and man?
How can we rely on something that's not physically here?
How can we trust him with our fate our love and our fear?
How can you say god lead me, without him having any tendencies?
How can you say I want you god knowing he's not letting us see
some things?
Why trust someone who hides from you?
Why should I give everything to him?
What makes him so perfect?
You can't expect me to believe this is all really worth it?
Why should I trust someone whom when I cry he does not physically wipe
my tears?
If you love me so much god please take away my fears!
If you can take me why not do it now?
Take me in the dead of night and without a sound
Or take me with a bang and make it loud
Why must I be criticized for loving you?
Why put me through this?
How do I know one day you won't betray me with a kiss?
Let the devil touch me and tempt me?
Aren't you supposed to protect me?
If your so gracious Lord, just accept me
Let me see you lord if you so real
Let me get a touch and a feel
The point is I haven't seen you
But somehow, I know I need you
Why do I need you?
What keeps pulling me back?
What have you done to me that no one else could?
And why don't I think that anyone else should?
Why do you have such mercy?
Why do you have such beauty?
Why do you have such grace?
Why all of a sudden is it written that I love you all over this face?
Why do you get all the credit for everything good in my life?
Do I even do anything anymore?
Maybe it’s because you gave me life?
Maybe because you just gave me that breath? (breathe)....
Or that breath? (breathe)....
Or that one? (breathe)
Maybe you haven't taken me because I have a purpose?
Maybe someone sitting here tonight will later need to have heard this?
Wait a minute, maybe this is all worth it?
I'm saving a life!
Or maybe I'm not...
I'm serving my purpose
or maybe I'm not?
Am I doing your will?
What do you demand of me?
What is your big plan for me?
Why isn't anything happening?!?
But Wait. Just wait.
That's what I'm going to do
I'm going to live my life by the example of you
And instead of asking I should maybe listen
Because I think there could be something I'm missing?
God I fear you that is the reason I ask, no shame as I say it
Because it’s that fear that is the reason every day I make it
Fear to live right and fear to live true
Fear to live my life for only you
Something tells me its right
Its something I feel that is without a doubt
Its that something I have that always exceeds expectation
Doesn't need any manipulation
But only needs continuation
Its here it’s now
Its strong and it guides me
Because every moment I know he is by me
To have this feeling for the rest of my life
I would give my life
Because without this feeling I would have no life
You don't need to clap for me but you need to clap for him
I'm not the one who took away you sin
Are you soaking this all in?
I began to live when he entered my heart
That is where it began and where it took start
Now that I have him these questions aren't needed
I am going to go where he takes me....
And I will be what he makes me....
And I continue to stay because he will never forsake me
So instead of asking why I am here
I should thank him that I stand here
This is my choice
To have a say and to have a voice
Gods speaking through me and this doesn't happen often
So I want you to listen and I want you to get lost in it
He loves you enough to let you choose narrow or wide
To choose the devils or his side
I chose to be criticized for loving him
I chose to be different because I love him
I chose him over the money
And I'll choose him over the sex
I chose him over this temptation
And I'll choose him over the next
I chose him because I know he's right
I chose to stand for you lord
I chose to give everything to one thing
I chose to all my efforts toward something
I don't know if you could call this a poem it’s just me babbling on
for 5 minutes
But where there is the babbling lord you know my hearts in it
There are two choices
A simple no or a complicated yes
Something easy and organized or a jumbled mess
I've given my life to Christ and it is a choice I made
I chose to be different and live for him and in return I'm saved
Can you make that choice for yourself?
Can you give everything,
without knowing anything?

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