Keep Me Going

August 11, 2009
By LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
LostInMyMind SILVER, San Bernardino, California
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You are my motivation
My constant sensation
My gorgeous
My love
And the only one I'm thinking of
above you there is none
None get close, not even some
Your lips are as the tip of a gun
Explosive with each touch
And you eyes shine like the moon
And not the suns who's light is too much
Your just enough, your perfect
Your hair is as the river that flows over my hand
So soft and whispers over everything it touches like water over land
And your skin is as soft as the air itself
So rich, it seemingly has its own wealth
Your voice is as the birds if the trees
The whales of the seas
And the westerly winds that constantly blow by me
And your smile is beautiful in every way
From the way it makes my soul sing
To the happiness is brings
Or the shy smile to which no one but me knows the beauty that hides underneath
Babe your my angel and u make me fly without wings
And you, well you, will 4ever keep me going
Just knowing you'll be there
Have you showing you care
Is enough for me to know that no one and I mean no one will ever compare... To you

you have me saying words
Spitting rhymes
like it's a curse
or it's a sign
but the fact is that this love is the only thing that mine
the only thing I wanted
The only thing I ever needed
Thank you for loving me and keeping me going.

I Love you. I always will.

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