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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

What do you do,
When you feel like you're falling,
Buthaven't hit the ground?
When everyone's changing,
Andyou're not like the others around?
When life seems sopointless?
When the only answer is to slit your wrists,
But there's already too much pain,
And the blood fallslike rain,
In a world of cruelty,
That dismisses itssoul's poverty?
When love's a bus you just missed?
WhenDeath's the only person you've kissed?
If only I could flyabove the city smoke,
Away from this place where heartsand machines are broken,
Perch myself on my cold stonewall,
And watch the drops of God's sweat fall.
What doyou do?
Because I don't know anymore.
I can't heal mybroken wings,
And I don't want this anymore.

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