August 10, 2009
By Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
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Being so young in life, a life that could potentially be forever
It’s hard to have patience and wait for what to comes
I anticipate a love to whisk me away, a fools dream at my age
We can tell ourselves that it will come, just wait
There are so many different kinds of people in the world
Some might surround themselves with others thinking this is
what it feels like to have everyone love them
Then you have people that have few people in there lives and
cherish every moment with them
Are those people experiencing true happiness or do they
Wish that they could have something… different
I don’t know if a lot of people feel this yearning
For something new in there lives, just because there tired
Of what they already had
Countless times people see others and wish that they had
their hair, their house, their job
Never do they want what they are given
I was given supposed teenage drama filled love
and it was disposed of
I was given chances for new friendships, new sparks
But things like that always hit and miss for me
See I always thought that I would find “love” young, be happy for
the rest of time

But its one in a million that you can really find
a person that thinks like you do so that they understand
what your going through, what your feeling,
how you see the world through ones own eyes
So I will wait until the amount of wisdom I have surpasses
my age…
I am not waiting for no person but the contentment and the little
slice of true happiness that I’m allowed when I’m able
to see things


The author's comments:
I really wouldn't include this with poetry. That was not my original intentions, but it didn't seem right to put it into any other category. Its really just about whats going on, and wondering if other people out there feel the same.

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