Forbidden Questions MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

In a warn-torn era, thoughtless, heartless.
A hero lays down hisarms
And dies.

Is this the way of the Modern World?
A failed attempt atsuperficial convenience,
A wasted plan of GlobalUnification,
The order of the day is for an encompassinglenience
For the ones who partake in ancestraldesecration.

Where is our Final Judgment?
I have an optimistic feeling thatit's near
Because once that's said and done with
God won't becoming, he'll be here!
My silence is my skepticism, show me it'sno myth.

Do we really have a meaning?
Have you ever asked what is yourcause?
No, you'd much rather fuss and flaunt
Besides, do youreally want to pause
And try to come to terms with what youwant?

Why is mankind plagued with arrogance?
Why do we think there'sonly "Us"?
We have to have a deity
To confide in andto trust,
Give your mind and soul to an enigmatic entity?

Is insanity worth persecution?
If it is I'm ready forcrucifixion
My facade on this macabre farce is antithetical
Iface the protestations with a degree of indignation
Just don'tlook upon my self-inflicted purgatory as pathetic.

To put a method to my madness
Please just understand
We mustresort to using common sense
And those with convictions must takea stand.

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