A Forgotten World

August 10, 2009
By gabb[eh!] SILVER, St-Joachim, Other
gabb[eh!] SILVER, St-Joachim, Other
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Everything seen,
everything saw,
pure, strong, innocent,
the tenderness without flaw
Bright colours, blurring,
your vision, light's it your soul?
disappointment choking throats,
the light has gone for all.
The earth, the sky
so wise,
so soft is the wind,
it whispers no lies.
The essences, of which?
you may demand,
you have left in oblivion
and now what, an empty flask,
you are, an empty light,
not pure,
you are, the empty mind,
to lure,
you are, an empty soul,
how shall you find,
you are a long lost road,
the world has left behind,
you shall be filled!
in that forgotten world,
of dreams,
but everything seen, my empty flask,
is nothing but it seams.

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