Sweet Little Girl

August 10, 2009
By MorganPayne GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
MorganPayne GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Yellow hair ribbons flowing through the wind as the sweet little girl runs and plays.

She stops and looks down at the dandelion at the tip of her foot.

Her little innocent hands cup the flower and she lightly exhales.

The wind carries the escaping dandelion and the sweet little girl watches them as they flow in many different directions.

I wish I could be that sweet little girl.

With not a care in the world as she runs and dances throughout the field.

Dreams of a fairytale love and a knight in shinning armor.

Nightmares of a frightening monster and all of the above.

I wish I could be that sweet little girl.

But I can't.

Everything changed.

Yellow hair ribbons flowed through the wind as she used to run and play.

She stops and cries.

Her little guilty hands cup her face and she lighty inhales.

The wind blows over her cheeks as she shivers and wishes she was somewhere warm.

I wish I was still that sweet little girl.

But its too late.

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