August 10, 2009
By , Bronx, NY
Hurricane here hurricane there
2 manys hurricanes surroundin me
im twisted and swayed n push n broken down cuz dese hurricanes keep followin me

these crazzi hurricanes filled wit failure n decite n disgrace wont leave me alone
they just keep followin me tryin to blow me away n keep me away from the things that i love the most

darn ! these hurricanes not even the tears in my eyes can take me away
so much anger filled inside me while these hurricanes surround
they laugh at me n mock me n say i will never amount to anythin

But you knoe what these hurricane can take me down n burry me in to a pit but i will not surrender nor give up i will stand ma ground n say to them hurricanes that surround me I AM ALIVE N I AM FIGHTIN THIS FIGHT!


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ayeBNFx3 said...
Aug. 15, 2009 at 6:20 am
^_^ gooood one.
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