Fretting too much

August 10, 2009
By Anonymous

His phone is out of service range.
He met a hot girl.
The phone’s battery died.
He and the hot girl are spending alone time.

Do I go with the logic that he loves me.
The second and fourth can’t be true.
Or do I go with the logic that I am not hot.
The second and fourth must be true.

He is tired and taking a nap.
Is someone napping with him?
One of his friends called him.
For a whole day? Must be some friend.

Fine he’s tired.
That’s a good explanation.
No it isn’t.
And neither is his friend calling.

If he had told me he couldn’t text yesterday.
I wouldn’t be fretting now.
But since I am ridiculous and worry too much.
I am freaking out.

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