a camp story from a kid who found the truth MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

they promisedme
the summer of a lifetime
well they were right
tenin fact
ten summers or ten lifetimes?
both iguess
who knows when it all fell apart
i can't find thatmoment in time
when childhood disappeared
and left mewith four grey walls
with no writing left to speakof
but if you run your hand over it
real slow
you canstill feel the past sometimes
made of rubber andglue
isn't that what we used to call it?
i think aboutthat sometimes
when i look out at the stars
and try tosee the reflection
of the lake in every one
well i knowwhere it ended
so where did it all start?
maybe in asong
and echoes
back over the water
like the summercome to haunt me again
maybe a wooden building
brokenpainted rebuilt broken painted
now it almost looks thesame
but it never will be
you can paste things backon
but they don't always stick
maybe on a hill coveredgreen
lightly speckled with those
little flowers
weused to give each other
when it didn't even matter
somany footsteps
but what did we really gain?
more thanwe'll ever have i guess
so what do i remember most?
theblue sky
contrasted with theblue-for-lack-of-a-better-description lake
familiar facesmixing till
you can't distinguish one from the other
andwould you want to?
the screech of the docks moved by thewaves
magically soft at dusk
the crunch of gravel mixedwith dirt
beneath the shoes that somehow manage
to lastthrough the abuse of summer
the audible calm
of beingout in a canoe
not going anywhere, just sitting
aloneand just a little afraid of falling in
and then thewonderful sound
of voices mixing
singing a song you'veknown since you were six
with a few missed lyrics and a lotof missed notes
and i guess that's what i remembermost
so was it worth it?
well i can say this
what wefound can be taken away from us
what we lost can never bereplaced
what we saw may have been an illusion
but whatwe know and who we are
because of it
will never goaway
it was worth it

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on Apr. 12 2011 at 11:50 am
Aubsbaby BRONZE, Elburn, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one that brings peace."

I really, really enjoyed this.


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