August 11, 2009
By WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
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I am waiting
Hearing the endless ticking clock
Second hand slowly completes one circuit
It’s coming closer
Though not fast enough
Time and its silly games
I wait anxiously
For the end to come
I know it is coming
Hear it creep stealthily along the corridor
Hear the screams of those before me
Feel the tense dry, electric air
Feel time seep from my existence
See the lights flicker and fade
See darkness cage all and you
I wait patiently, as possible
One last second

The author's comments:
This was written as I waited to take my second semester exams, so that was my inspiration. The thing coming is the moment when exams begin, and the hopelessness one might feel with the dread of failing.

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