One Afternoon

August 5, 2009
By Anonymous

mirrored in a man made
pool signs of absolution
beauty like rain
beyond light
as stars as aliens
as slowly as it came the weather
man cried out for that same
under clothing under silence
ah, that engrossing sound
the bird under my skin
I see through that fly eye
chirp, madly, flowering
inside the chemical trodden pool
the hazardous machine
eating your suburban kids
beware of the yellow flower
reflected as an angel
as intrinsic as god
as death, it beckons
it cries screams gasps
that yellow whore
who only wants sun and rain
maybe a little admiration
maybe a sigh
some deer eating it at the end of its life

beware, begging, I warn those
chop them down!
so chemicals can
stop reflecting them, I pray!
to those god-yellow, flowers
the Om, perfection
the all encompassing reflection
slyly invading a
I cry out
dig them up, try to destroy them
even with the
gorgeous chemicals
that reflect them or
get bit by a spider,
to those precious meanderers
beckoning those who
forgot sometimes

try to see
reflections, in dreaming
in spiders
in tea
a reflection of all
of a glimmer
a tear drop
maybe its all those chemicals
we see

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