goodbye father

August 4, 2009
By Lindsey E BRONZE, Weirdo, Texas
Lindsey E BRONZE, Weirdo, Texas
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i see you there rotting away in your bed
i see your pain growing and your hope dying
as each second draws your closer to death

your eyes display the regret you live by
like a lakes drought dried up, you have no more tears to cry
its funny how loud your death bed screams
im sure you've noticed every detail,
from the white sheets to the yeallow seams

your life lived was for not anyone but yourself
thats why i feel no pity for you, you created this hell

tell me something,
can you feel your heart growing weaker, your life nearing its

nobody else is here to help you, i may be family but do not

consider me friend

father, i hardly know where you have been, but i know where your

the life you chose is finally slowing

i'll bury you with a rose because i pity your life after,
but i do not care for you now im just ending this chapter.

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