Gone Like a Lozenge

August 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Searching the streets for anything cloying,
my body ached,
my stomache moaned,
my thoughs jumbeled.

Turning into the ally,
a glistening yellow wrapper in on the floor catches my eye,
shaking, I slowly open it.

Tears fill my eyes,
and I begin to whimper.

Releasing a honey-like taste,
my head throbbing,
my body sweating,
my stomache aching,
I lay holding the little wrapper.

Savoring the flavor,
I close my eyes.
My thoughts, ideas, feelings,
all being to piece together.

Within seconds, it was all gone.
My mouth became dry.
My thoughts fleed my mind.
My heart,

Nostalgic I was,
questioning what I had seen and thought of
those seconds the ideas ran through my mind.
They were gone,
as the candy,
quickly without notice.
and I was here,
without anything.

The past hitting hard,
allowing me to realize,
I lost the most important thing to me
as quickly as a lozenge is gone.

The author's comments:
Please comment...this is my first piece.

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