My Heart Just Woke Up

August 4, 2009
By MeaganDear BRONZE, Middletown, Connecticut
MeaganDear BRONZE, Middletown, Connecticut
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I sat and watched you under
The gentle white street light,
Giving your boyish features
The appearance of being too gaunt,
Too tortured, too knowing
For your young age.
It was the truest I have ever seen you.
Each sparkling silver hair that had been
Spread across your face
Was illuminated, glowing.
I was freezing,
And yet it was the hottest of these summer nights.
I wanted you close,
To feel your warmth;
The touch of your sweating,
Nervous skin.
I moved slightly nearer, desiring to witness
Your hot, sharp breaths
Blowing onto my sleepy eyelids.
It was cozy there,
The most at home I had ever felt.
I gazed at your goose-bumped arm.
You shivered,
I don’t know why.
We were clustered in
With groups of people
That we know nothing about-
But still, we call them friends.
Because of this,
I couldn’t have felt any more alone.
But, you were there.
So I guess that these seeping
Emotions became fluid
And blended in with
My anticipatory happiness.
I stood there,
And imagined the stories
That I would write about you;
To you;
For you;
With you.
The rest of the world melted away.
Still, I could not bring myself
To call out your name
As you walked off,
Into the empty, moonless night.

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