Be There Then MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Not sleeping at all tonight -
Because Idon't want to miss a thing.
Inside and out there issadness.
Because with you is a place I cannotbe.
Walking on a wire,
As the days go by
Justwondering if I can hang on any longer.
I am becoming tiredof fighting.
     You can lookinto my now vacant eyes
     Seethe soaring hearts,
     Thefloating souls -
     As you holdmy cold hands
     You begin towonder what I'm dreaming
I came with a mission -
Yousoon realize.
     A mission tosee you shine bright -
     Likethe rays of the rising sun.
Living life -
Like anever-ending dream
Wanting to stay in this moment
Forall the rest of time.
So I can see you liveon,
     See yousucceed,
     See you be where youwant to be
     See you do whatyou want to do.
I want to be there then.

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