August 4, 2009
By Chelsea Bates SILVER, Carmel, California
Chelsea Bates SILVER, Carmel, California
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he spoke as if he knew me well-
though he did not at all.
he didn't know my breathe had stopped
to catch me from my fall

he charmed his way through many things
my heart was all but one
he whistled to the beat of love
and laughed at what he'd sung

then came the day the winds blew gray
the shattered glass had done
all it could do to shred my heart
so it beat for no one

the space that grew between us said
that it would never leave
it only ate what could be hurt
what could be hurt was me

the house was left a tangled mess
and so i to say the least
the vines grew thick from my breast
and helped entangle me

i no longer breathed as did before
for he had sealed my lungs
and though he stole a piece of me
the end had already begun

The author's comments:
Special thanks to Emily Dickinson.

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