Please Miss Place Me

August 4, 2009
By Raspberry BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
Raspberry BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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Please miss place me
i don't like your light
the shine is much to bright

I hate the way you look at me
the way you roll your eyes
the way you tell him i don't mind.

thoughts come into his head
you can see it in his eyes.
i don't plan on getting in your bed.

i'm not the one to scream your name
or tell you "i think your hot."
as far i'm concerned your deffinetly NOT

Please miss place me
in a room or closet
where he can't see

i'll hide
finding accptence in the solitude
of being without you

the male shrew
the way you speak is stupid and rude
i don't want your acceptance

or the smell of your hollister perfume
the painted faces laugh with arrogance
take them to be Frankenstien's Bride.

The roll surely can not be mine
they swoon over you
which is something i will never do

Please miss place me
in a box or an empty room
some place where i don't have to watch them swoon.

Lip gloss dripping from their mouths
waiting for you to pounce
on them, because they love you

i could never love you they way they do
and you say that's why you like me
because i have anamosity

i'm not sure you know the meaning of the word
your ignorance frustratinging causing my thoughts to curd
i hate the way you say my name

the way it falls from your lips
while motioning to put your hands on my hips
you hate the way i dress
(because you know what's best...)

Please Miss Place Me
i confess
your nice to look at but i hate you none the less

Please, Oh Please miss place.
like a new doll
that's not good enough for this spoiled brat

i evade you looking for my hat
forget the hat and make for the door
he turns the corner

so you open one more
knowing now that you'll never hear

that sweet song they made for you
and played for you
all night long

how did you lose them?
where did they go?
did they leave without you?

surely they would've let you know
now i'm stuck with frankstien
and his monster creations

as they lead me away from the door
Please Oh Please Miss Me

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