When Our Paths Cross (epistolary poem) MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Dear old friend,
Weused to be the best of friends,
Just like sisters,
Butthings have changed.
Now, we tiptoe around eachother,
Hoping; praying our paths
Will remainuncrossed.
For we no longer mesh
And cruel things havebeen said
And actions have been hurtful
And we regardeach other's lives with disgust.
I've found,however,
That the past cannot be erased,
And memoriesstill linger
Of when we were just like sisters.
True,the time has passed
And things will never be thesame,
But we're adults now
And it's time for us to calla truce.
I'd like to think of the good times
And forgetthe bad,
And rather than tiptoe around each other,
Letour paths cross,
And when they do,
We shall smile andnod
And continue on our way.

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