the feelings inside

August 3, 2009
I feel numb inside and out
I know this with out a doubt.

I lock my feelings behind a door.
But always wanting to get rid of more.

I open this door up instead.
As I sit with my body as still as lead.

The first I feel is hate.
because its my life I cant take

Then there is strife.
And my thoughts of my screwed up life.

The depression, tears. And hurt.
and i sat there feeling like dirt.

I feel locked in a black hole.
No way out but a very slippery pole.

To climb the pole would be hurt full and long.
But after a few tries all I did was fall

Fall back into the dirt.
And ending up even more hurt.

I slam the door shut as pain fills my mind.
I searched for my soul tofinnally see its realy my heart I cant find.

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RoseC. said...
Feb. 26, 2010 at 2:22 pm
you are dong really well, just dont lose the ability to express yourself in words. things like that turn disastrous in a heart beat. keep it up.
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