August 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Reviving the dead one inside you is like living a lie
And waking up in a bed of truth
Like living life on the edge
And you just realized you’re hung from a noose
So its death or departure
As you’re falling apart with thoughts as a mortar
Suddenly their goes your weight but you here no sound
And to your surprise you find ground
Finally you realize
You had to survive
So that the old you could die
Now it’s clear to you how strong your foundation was
So now they call you the word
Because you’re the truth and it’s incriminating like yellow tape and bullet slug
So it’s time to forgive
The one and only
Even though at night he makes you shudder
And to look in the mirror
His face he has to cover
So now you lower the hand
And take up a stand
For righteousness
Suddenly your life is filled with peace and delightfulness
And you think to yourself how right is this
But you accept that the path was provided
So your sins could be righted
And suddenly the one who proves to be what he proves to be
Is everywhere
And it’s all plain to see

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