The Only True Test MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I'm walking in the rain,
my size ten bootsstepping in three-foot wide patches of slimy brown mud,
And every few seconds a huge raindrop falls and hits thetop of my head
And the gel drips out of my hair, and downmy forehead.
My path seems endless,
So I have time tothink;
About my day, and my family, my life.

And Ihave time to wonder,
As thought after thought rushesthrough my mind:
Screaming fans and the scent of popcornfrom the concert last weekend,
What will happen thisafternoon, next weekend, next month, next year?

Themagical thing about this wondrous place we live,
Is thatnone of these questions can be answered by anything but time,
The only true test of life,
the only thing that willalways tell the truth.

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