Hearts Bleed True Blood Blue

August 3, 2009
By Ace-Of-Spades BRONZE, Fulton, New York
Ace-Of-Spades BRONZE, Fulton, New York
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You walk with her hand in hand,
Time stops,
Talking to her is lust,
Her eyes bluer than the deepest ocean,
Her beauty makes jealousy,
She completes you,
When you begin to think shes forever,
Things start to fade,
Hands separate,
Walking alone along lost souls,
Her voice fades,
To sad to speak,
Lust turns to sorrow,
The thought of her deep blue eyes ,
Suffocates the soul,
Drowning with few final breaths,
Beauty turned anger,
Complete Turned Incomplete,

Memories Burn Through,
Leaving You Think,
Love never again,
For when angel makes heart bleed true,
Things thought Forever , END,
And the heart broken ,
Cry True Blood Blue .

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