The First Ever Spark

August 3, 2009
On stage
Is where he is
Singing with passion
And deepness

My eyes widen
My heart pumps
My veins rush
My mind dreams

Someone like him
I can relate to
A feeling rises
Inside my chest

A ball
Of warmth
It catches my breath
My body stiff

What is this?
It is unnatural
I have never
Felt this before

My hands clutch
At the warmth’s spot
My mind

Is this what they call a spark?

But why should I feel this
After just knowing him
For only a little while?

Soon I learn
He is taken
By another flame
My heart saddens

I knew this would come
Single forever
That is who I am

But my heart still pulses
For him
And I try to destroy it
But it will not give in

His face
I see
The spark burns
With my tears falling

But I swish the tears away
And turn away
As I know
I must fight this

I thought my heart had learned
Its lessons
I thought my heart
Was done with this endless hope

I thought my heart knew that
True love is not real,
Love at first sight is not real,
Dream men are not real,
And soul-mates are not real

But my heart still hopes
And pulses for him
This first ever firework
This first ever spark

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