Pete's Coffee and Tea MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

A couple,
deep in conversation
and deepin love,
about the future
While the young lady,
With a face too palefor California
But hair the color of pure energy,
Glazesthe scone for the
sweating, old jogger
in theback,
by his cappuccino
(Given to him by thatfoxy female barista)
while singing,
And outof tune
with the Nat King Cole love song
being played bythe little speakers
next to the glass cookie case,
whichis covered by small fingerprints
of a three year oldgirl,
dressed in scarlet,
with a Tigger bonneton
(the kind where the ears stick out).
The little girlpaws at the case in desperation.
The couple looks at thechild,
So sweet and innocent,
And they sigh.
"Doyou want to start a family?"
the husband asks.
Asthe little girl throws herself upon the ground,
Futilelybeating her fists on the crystal barrier,
Which separatesher from sweet goodness.
The wife responds,
(As shelooks at the cookie monster),
"Maybe we should wait awhile."

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