without you

August 3, 2009
By cherelle king BRONZE, Centerport, New York
cherelle king BRONZE, Centerport, New York
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Without You
I thought I had no choice
I couldn’t let go of your voice
I needed you to help me choose
I thought if not for you I’d surely lose
But you thought you were better
Than the rest of us
I should have known
Your not the one to trust
I spent these days
Thinking of you
Once you were gone
I didn’t know what to do
Now I watch you
Drown in misery
Thinking why
I gave you the best of me
You dug yourself deep
In a hole so dark
It was hard to let you go
You held a part of my heart
But im a big girl now
Tall and proud
I don’t need you now
The choice was always mine
And without you
I think I’ll do just fine

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