Mommy Strikes

August 3, 2009
By Haley McClain BRONZE, Rye, Texas
Haley McClain BRONZE, Rye, Texas
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Mommy strikes again
Whiskey on her breath
She is blaming all her pain
On my daddy's death

My brother tries so hard
To try to fight his tears
Mommy said it's bad
To show people your fears

I hide inside my closet
Tears rush down my face
Mommy found a new man
to take my daddy's place

I'm caring for his children
As if they are my own
I ran away so quickly
Do they know I'm gone?

Mommy turns to drugs
She gets them from the street
I walk into the kitchen
Mommy is at my feet

Nana came to save me
From this awful place
She has wiped the tears
From my tear-stained face

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