The Feeling of Love?

August 3, 2009
By Leah Helgesen BRONZE, St. Paul, Minnesota
Leah Helgesen BRONZE, St. Paul, Minnesota
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god isnt it crazy the one you love and call your baby
is the one that helps you out when ever your in need
whenever you feel like you cant breath
the one that holds you tight
wishing he was with you tonight
cuz you need him hes not just your boyfriend
but hes your best friend too
isnt it crazy that you can say you love someone
and they can say it back to you
how does that feel when you can take on the world
you can scream to it i'm his girl so you better back off
but you know that there is always compition to keep track of
you know that your not the only one who likes your man
so you have to take his hand as much as you can
and tell him to never let go to make sure he knows
that your the girl who will love him forever
that your the one who wont leave him never
the love in your heart will beat for him only
and then you get sad cuz you feel lonely
cuz when he is away for long periods of times
you tell yourself every thing is just fine
that he will come back and he will be mine
that nothing will get in the way of this love
you look at the stars above and make a wish
hoping that no one can take your bliss
away from the dream that finally came true
the dream that involved only him and you
the things you say that come from the heart
dont come from movies or from a chart
they come from deep inside into your soul
when you find the one you know not to let go
after high school and on to college
with all that new love and new knowledge
with the new things that you learned from eachother
why would you ever leave for another
after experiencing everything that you have
what could be so bad that you leave the best man you ever had
when your in love its more then just laughs
its hard times too that make you crash
they make you cry and sometimes break down
but you know you can get around all the pain
as long as the love is strong it wont change
the more you go through with eachother
the stronger you grow for the other
so why would you leave that all behind
just because you like someone else for a little time
would you leave the one you like for the one you love
if you do then you are messed up
just think for a little time
think about one person you can call mine
you dont need a lot of different people
all you need is one that is there
that helps make live fair
to help you not be scared
only one can heal a broken heart
only one has the power to rip it apart
but you trust them not to
because you feel they love you too
isnt that what the feeling of love is
cant that be the truth

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