the audacity of loves indiscretion

August 2, 2009
By Vertical-Insanity BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Vertical-Insanity BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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you are everything i could ever dream of having.
your the shining star i look upon in the north at night as i fly through to the heavens...attempting to grasp your hand.

i smile as i gaze into your eyes wondering
" where am i going"
because as i fall into the beauty that is your magnificence i fall alitle bit to hard..
and i get lost in how powerfully amazing you truly are.

your beauty matches no other then the hand of god
and the hand of the creator who constructed the earth a grain of sand at a time.
you are the three dimensional equivalent of the word perfection.
something that i can grab.something i can touch.
your something that is truly there.

it is nothing but a crackheads inner sanctum.
the insanity of the madhouse of its own institution defines how massively ridiculous my love for you is.
i cant even begin to explain the emotions that run threw my veins
every second every minute of every day.

i love you.more then anyone or anything could ever know...

..and as i fly above your painted glory.
i look wonder..knowing one day.. i will be there beside you...
without the cover of darkness.

holding your hand.

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