The Actress

August 3, 2009
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The actress was a good one, the actress played her part.
Not the beautiful leading lady, or the sidekick who was smart,
She was just an actress, and the actress played her part.

Of course she had always strived to be the girl he fell in love with, or the hero of the day,
But those were just silly dreams;
She was just an actress, and her part she would play.

And so it continued, cut-by-cut, scene-by-scene:
Her lines emotionlessly recited, but delivered crisp and clean.
For a moment she thought of her empty life and felt disconcerted and slightly odd-
But before the pain could start, her blank smile and vacant eyes were back, the finishing touches to her façade.
For it wasn’t her job to feel or to think, now that’s not how movies sold,
She was just an actress, and an actress did as she was told.

Then one day they called her to the front,
They wanted her for a scene or two, just a girl to do the stunt.
But in front of the camera and blinding lights, everything was so real-
It was what she thought she wanted, but suddenly there was just too much to feel.
She turned around and ran back to her spot in line, always second-to-last,
For she was just an actress, and an actress played the part that she was cast.

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