August 2, 2009
By tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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I remember catching pidgeons downtown,
their shady wings whispering in the air as they hop from one foot to he next, fleeing my tiny grasp.
I remember spinning in circles in my backyard when the rain pooled around every brick and blade of grass. I remember the irritation that boiled in my blood when my mom stumbles out of eleni's, her keys clattering in her fist as she asks for her car in a voice thick with too much alcohol.

The author's comments:
I went to the summer enrichment program camp at university of Oregon in Eugene and took a poetry class. The teacher would give us several words and 5 minutes and tell us to write a poetry including those words. The words for this poem were: pidgeon, spinning, whisper and keys.

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