You're so beautiful

August 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The thought of you sends shivers down my spine

I remember days when all I needed was you to smile

But now you seem so far away from me

I just wanna save you

Just let me in

Sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor

Your screams can be heard from high above the water

You’re slowly drowning yourself

And I just wanna save you

Please let me in

Your smile is weak and fades away quickly

Tears roll down my cheeks

As I watch you take another deep breath in

Fill your lungs with the burning smoke

But the embers burn out fast

Down here on the ocean floor

You wont let me save you

You refuse to let me in

Your blue eyes used to shine brighter then the sun

But now they’re a deep dull gray

As you lay in bed thinking about better days

And I just wanna save you

But you won’t let me in…

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