August 5, 2009
By ForeverDreamer BRONZE, Toronto, Other
ForeverDreamer BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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In one moment it is absolutely everything,
and yet at the same time it is, and will forever remain, nothing.

You can’t run from nothing.
There is nothing following you, nothing to hide from.
You can’t escape from nothing,
because nothing can capture you.

Nothing always wins,
because there is nothing you can do to stop nothing.
When all your problems, all you fears, and all your dreams
amount to nothing, then all you have is nothing.

Nothing can free a person, and just as easily imprison them.
Nothing can save a person, and at the same time slowly kill them.
Nothing can be your best friend and at the same time your worst enemy. Nothing can bring about a beautiful dream or a terrifying nightmare.

Don’t ever forget,
Nothing is everything and everything is nothing.

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