April 16, 2009
By Tasha Gomez GOLD, Phx, Arizona
Tasha Gomez GOLD, Phx, Arizona
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I'm the goose bumps on your neck.
I'm the itches on your arm
I'm the shadows on your wall
I'm the ghost haunting you
I'm the daughter your forced to have
I'm the secret you have to keep
I'm the evil inside of you
I'm the tears that you weep
I'm the anger you bottle up
I'm the pain in your heart
I'm the disease in your lungs
I'm the devil in your world
I'm the depressed lyrics you sing
I'm the burden you hold
I'm the mistake that you carry
I'm the failure that you remember
I'm the blood in your Mary
I'm the bruise on your face
I'm the lie that you tell
I'm the scream in your nightmare
I'm the reason for your smoking
I'm the bad habit that you tuck into a roll
I'm the monster under your bed.
I'm the mess you tried to clean up
I'm the broken heart you can't fix
I'm the doubt in the back of your mind
I'm the regret in your past
I'm your worst fear to be spread.
I am yours, Mom and Dad.
Keep me or Let me go.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my mom and dad. I just want them to know I understand why they are the way they are with me. I'm okay with it now. They let me go.

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