Only for a moment...

April 15, 2009
Looking out the window,
Staring at the rain.
Seeking, Searching,
Looking for a rainbow.
You sigh dejectedly
And pull back.
There is no rainbow,
You tell yourself,
I'm wasting my time.

You start to walk away
And turn back
Desire and hope
Fear of loss.

The clouds part
A rainbow peeks out
Glorious, Magnificent
Every color
Glowing prominently
Everything and more
You hoped it would be.

The rain stops
The sun shines
The rainbow starts to fade.
You preserve the memory,
Etching it into your heart.
Although the sadness
At the parting has come,
Stays stronger.
All the pain,
The heartache,
It was worth it
To see that rainbow,
Even if...
Only for a moment.

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