I Hate You

April 17, 2009
By Camille Haygood BRONZE, Franlkin, Kentucky
Camille Haygood BRONZE, Franlkin, Kentucky
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I hate you..
And that’s really all I have to say
But I do want you to know this before I go away
I was good to you, better than I was to myself
I cared about you like no one else
You took me for granted and you made me cry
Now all I want to know is why?
I stayed with you for the longest I thought we were strong
But it turns out that I got that all wrong
You were too busy doing your own thing
Messing around with others who didn’t care
You weren’t good enough You didn’t know how to treat me and you didn’t show me respect And I owe it to myself not to end up like a nervous wreck So im telling you now I did all I could And im sorry you couldn’t be a man im sorry I never understood I wish you could take back all the heartache and pain But I know that’s not realistic because in life sometimes it has to rain And now as I sit here reflecting on the love I gave you I know its just a part of life and its something we all have to go through..

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