forever pouring rain

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Darkness in the abyss
cold through the night
shallow in feelings
empty inside
numb all through out
feelings that all lead me to my end
to end my life
to stop my pain
to sleep on in forever pouring rain
i use to feel the rain drops tickle my nose
now all i feel are warm black tears run down
to die seems easier
easier than living life
confusion, doesn't even explain
sadness, only begins to describe
to lay it all down
to give up
to close your eyes
and let sarrow take you away
to never have to think
to let darkness envelope you
to let your pain go numb
to not try anymore
a weakened spirit
a broken soul
the loss of all hope
there is no way
life is something to fear
to stand is harder than laying down
a mountain to steep to climb
darkness easy and unknown
it all leads me to my end
to end my life
to stop my pain
to sleep on cold ground
to sleep on in forever pouring rain
no dreams
no pain
no feelings
no tears
no memories
only rest
under forever pouring rain.

The author's comments:
this was something i wrote during those times in which i was really depressed
i thought about suicide so many times, although i never fully acted on it.
this describes what i had felt what i thought would always be my life.
i know that ending your life solves nothing even though at the moment it does. all i can say is im finally realizing that i am enough and that everything happens for a reason, and that no matter what everything will be just ok.

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