April 19, 2009
By 13thQueen BRONZE, Portland, Maine
13thQueen BRONZE, Portland, Maine
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She has blackberry eyes, a bit bruised but still sweet
It’s clear she’s been hurt but she’s still on her feet
She was walking the world when she got lost somehow
She needs to be rescued but she’s still too proud
She paints her nails black, trying too hard to be seen
She wants to stand out, ‘cause she dies in her dreams
She spends her allowance on paper and pens
She has nightmares about being forgotten again

There’s a ring on her bureau that she’s never worn
A gift from her mom as she walked out the door
One summer night she just threw it away
It’s not like it mattered to her, anyway
She let it sink in the sea as she walked out of reach
She feels so alone standing there on the beach
Bare feet in the sand, her minds in her own world
She wants to succeed but she’s no golden girl

She got a boyfriend to make her seem real
But cyanide kisses are all she can feel
She wants to be happy but she’s a bit too far gone
After three years of night she stopped waiting for dawn.

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