Jump off a cliff to save me.

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

You lied to my face
and cheated right in front of me
Your friends covered for you
mine didn't have my back

You were with her
then begged for us to reunite
I agreed with a sigh
and you started a fight

Right away, we're broken
we're so disfunctional
we couldn't ever make it
but my heart won't let you go

I will go to the ends of the Earth
to try and get you back
I know it won't ever work out
but my notebooks need 'i love you'
written on the back

Again, I know I shouldn't
be loving you this way
and I'm pretty sure it'll kill me
if this continues someday

So please, to save my life
to end my misery
just go jump of a cliff
and end this love for me

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