Silent Destruction

April 6, 2009
By pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Watch the carlights
hit the breaks
suddenly this city skyline
is just so much less pretty
as the stars do shine
in our eyes
as they dim.
The breaks squeal out
and the metal touches my skin
in much more than a kiss
my ribs are bent out of my chest
with my heart out on the cold concrete
and now suddenly
these city skylines
are just that much less pretty
when the lights are red
take a deep breath now
and don't let it go
don't let the silence break
I can't hear anything at all
the sound is defeated
by the headlight scream
the crash was so unforeseen
take my heart
and keep it from beating
this silence will shatter
so don't let it break
like my body as it lies
bloody, bruised and still
don't scream like that
don't even make a sound
and suddenly I realize
how much less pretty
these skylines are

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