From Catherine to Heathcliff

August 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Translucent and fading,
my beats start to slow.
In case you were wondering,
you already know.
My minds been made,
since I first saw your eyes.
You're the devil and I love you,
Oh sweet, sweet saint of mine.
I'm searching and searching for words that are real,
I'm a monster- a tyrant- a demon-
but at least I can feel.
In the screaming stillness,
my eyes start to tear.
My voice I cannot find,
my pleas you'll never hear.
My failed attempts to convey-you believe my words "goodbye",
my thoughts never my actions-
a hypocrites "only lie".
Your soul and mine are one,
this i know to be true.
Hand in hand they commit their crimes,
they know not what they do.
So take my shattered spirit, was it even once a whole?
And once more I'll scream into the nothingness, "I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!"

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this poem for my English class when I read Wuthering Heights, hence the quote at the end. I know it was Heathcliff who said it, but i felt that it fit well with Catherine's perpetually twisted personality.

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